robert and i took alfie to see ‘vertigo’ at the BFI – i dont know how, but this particular hitchcock film is one that neither of us have ever seen.  it really is a great film, typically hitchcock, the slow introduction of the story, the strange unbelievable plot, reaching to suspense in its conclusion.  the clothes, the cars, and san francisco look amazing.  the BFI is a great place to catch up on old classic films, its very comfortable, has a lovely bar to meet, so much better than watching it on your computer!  its ok to watch catch up tv on your computer, but really – these cinematic films need the big screen.  have bought BFI memberships as birthday gifts for men, goes down a treat!

by the way, we did watch Assassin on the small screen, very disappointing as the film is all about the cinematography – its slow, but  visually ravishing and a must for those interested in scenic settings, colour and breathtaking views.  now thats one i will see again on the big screen.

IMG_0535 IMG_0542



One thought on “vertigo

  1. I took myself off to the cinema yesterday afternoon as I wanted some ‘time out’ alone…I saw a film I would not normally pick, Anomalisa’…I am so glad I did. I think you would either love or hate it, I loved it, so clever but very uncomfortable to watch at times, but beautifully done. xxx

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