george breitner

i was recently introduced to the  beautiful works of george breitner – a series of paintings and studies of  girls in kimonos.  breitner was a dutch painter and photographer, more renowned for his street scenes, but this series is delightful.  the exhibition is at the stunning Rijks museum in amsterdam with its wondrous ornate top gallery full of rembrandts, its a museum not to be missed;  also worth seeing is catwalk,  gorgeous collection of dutch clothes from 1600 to 1960, all beautifully presented in a catwalk style .

if you manage to get to amsterdam for the weekend, its also worth seeing the photos of Francesca Woodman, the young photographer who died at an early age – her photographs are very inspiring and challenging.  this is at Foam museum.    i was only there for a very short time, but walking around nine streets and crossing the numerous bridges and canals is the thing to do.  take care of crossing the roads though, trams, cars and bicycles all have priority over pedestrians and they come from al directions at great speed!

breitner_0033_1 breitner_0031_1 breitner_0029_1

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