new life

is it just me or has ‘call the midwife’ got even more emotional this series?  i have been in tears watching it and can’t believe that it was only 50 years ago that we had such harsh social stigmas.

i was lucky to photograph amelie and charlotte – less than a month old – beauty in life – a precious bonding moment that just grows stronger and stronger…..


3 thoughts on “new life

  1. I had 2 CTMW to catchup with yesterday and I found them both profoundly moving so its not just you…I was in tears myself…the injustice on single mothers, then damaged babies…so sad! xx

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  2. Yes I’ve cried every episode but particularly the one where the teacher’s story was prominent.
    I’m 58 and I can remember a relative in the 60’s saying it was just as well a girl’s twins had died as she was unmarried – even as a child of 8 I knew this wasn’t right.
    Beautiful photographs

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