two temple place

worth going to have a look at just for the extravagant interior – two temple place was originally built by William Waldorf Astor in the late 1800’s as his office – as Astor was incredibly rich there was no expense in building the architectural gem.   its only open when they have exhibitions and at the moment there is an exhibition that is  comprised mainly from the personal collections from the rich lancashire cotton traders .

this exhibition Beyond Beauty presents the ancient egyptians at their most varied and spectacular, while also allowing us to glimpse them at their most intimate and human. from the beautifully painted mummy coffins to jewellery and combs, its an insight into their lives through craftsmanship and their desire to reach perfect.

apparently these northern business men and women acquired so much wealth that they personally collected anything from ancient coins,  early manuscripts to watercolours by Turner and these egyptian artefacts.  once they died, they bequeathed their collections to the local museums. its free entry and there is a little cafe there selling cakes and sandwiches.

2 temple place
2 temple place

IMG_2593 IMG_2592 IMG_2589

One thought on “two temple place

  1. Thanks for telling us about this – what a gem. I was looking for somewhere historic to visit and this looks fascinating. Brilliant!


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