watched a couple of films recently – ‘Palio’ – the documentary about the traditional horse races that takes place twice a year in siena and ‘Joy’, the story about the american single mum who made her fortune out of simple household objects such as the mop and a clothes hanger.    both films were very contrasting – both ok to watch, but nothing groundbreaking.  palio is well shot but is more an insight into the corruption and  bribery in italy,  though the races themselves are a fascinating tradition that is still held in the beautiful central square of siena.  i haven’t witnessed the race, but visited siena the day  before the event  was being set up.  siena is a beautiful historical town to visit and i can highly recommend this whole region.  jennifer lawrence makes ‘joy’ worth seeing, but there isn’t really a lasting story.

siena_0071 (1) pregio_0261 (1)

2 thoughts on “palio

  1. I did enjoy Joy, but a little long. I could watch Jennifer Lawrence in anything…she is superb! If you havnt seen it, Silver Linings Playbook was a fabulous film, I could watch the dance scene at the end over and over again..I love watching a man that can ‘move’ and my goodness, can Bradley Cooper move! American Hustle also excellent…serious clothes envey on my part! I was born at the wrong time! xx


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