de mamiel

my daughter alice is amazing – she has decided that presents should now be experiences rather than material things, so last year i was treated to afternoon tea at cafe royal, and this year my treat was the most relaxing facial at liberty’s with the ‘de mamiel’ products.  it was a great promotion, whereby you had the facial and at the end you chose some products equal to the cost of the facial.  apparently this a promotion that they run now and again, but you can always go and visit Katy in her own studio, where she uses the incredible de mamiel oils.   i am now addicted to the winter facial oil which is especially created for the winter months – add a drop to your daily moisturiser to really give your skin that extra nourishment.  i also discovered the miracle homeoplasmine cream – if you have chapped lips, dry patches of skin, then give this a go – it cured my peeling lips amazingly quick.   beauty mart is my friend Anna’s company – an amazing selection of what is best on the market in just about every product you will ever need – its already mind boggling deciding what to buy, but with beauty marts wealth of experience it makes the choice easier.   and not forgetting mauli rituals – the beautiful bottles and oils make great gifts.   all these products that i mention are not only natural but promote balanced wellbeing.


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