wild swans

i finally finished this extremely long book after attempting to read it over many years – its a really good insight into chinese history through the story of three generations of women in the author’s own family – grandmother, mother and daughter – Jung Chang reveals the whole tragic history of China’s twentieth century. from bound feet and being offered as a concubine, through to leadership, hardship and struggle – wild swans is a historical documentation that is heartfully retold.  its a good book to take on a long haul trip, though its pretty hefty to carry around.

on the contrary, this thin little paper book which i am now reading ‘strange weather in tokyo’ – a very sweet tale set in tokyo about a student re meeting with a teacher in a bar is about 2 lonely people who find solace in each other’s company.  it reminds me of our wonderful trip to tokyo a year ago……

15_MING DRESS_1039kidachrome warm

here is beautiful ellis, my friend’s daughter who has modelled for ilovegorgeous for 5 years now, its lovely to watch them blossom……..

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