columbia road

robert and i popped to columbia market for some flowers last sunday morning – even though it was pouring with rain as alfie wanted to go and visit some vintage shop on brick lane too – it was rather sweet, cos he stopped doing things like this with us once he became a teenager, but now he voluntarily wants to join us on gallery visits, cultural spots – a sign of growing up!  so you spend years trying to direct your children to culture, exercise, healthy food and then they all get there in the end…..

i would advise to go earlier than 10am if possible, because after this time, its difficult to walk through, especially on a non rainy day.  there seems to be even more gift shops springing up, though i am mourning the loss of the old bakery that was there for many years.  everything seems to have become a coffee shop – will be renamed the coffee market before long!   there are a lot of tulips around at the moment.  carl now sells herbs that he grows rather than flowers, so i bought some sage and chili peppers.  i love this odd mix of berries and lilac flowers, but they worked beautifully together. i must admit, i love the house filled with flowers – they always cheer me up.

flowers11Nov2014_0012 11Nov2014_0010 flowers11Nov2014_0006


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