new years resolutions

so for 2016 i have lots of the same old intentions which i know by mid january will soon fade away.  the kids are growing up and life is speeding past – i managed to photograph a couple of weddings, impending births and sadly witness the loss of a friend who was far too young to die – these important events in one’s life made me realise that  what is really important is your health, family and happiness.  so here are a few things that i will be bearing in mind….

generosity of thought

kindness of heart

patience of mind

selflessness in spirit

a little phrase that really resonates    – friendship isn’t about who you have known the longest – it’s about those who came and never left your side ….

and specifically with my own family, calm not anger, praise not criticise, speak not shout

wishing you all a joyous and healthy 2016!

after all the hard work of shopping, wrapping, preparing and cleaning – this is how i spent my new years day – sat on the sofa in front of the tv wrapped in a blanket.

L_ RPS1152_9813


3 thoughts on “new years resolutions

  1. Lovely. I’ve been reading your blogs for the last year now and it has given me great pleasure.
    I’ve been on an extended twitter sabbatical, so not seen your tweets lately but I remember the photos of your tulips in the Spring which inspired me to photo mine in the garden just holding a piece of black card behind them and they came out surprisingly well!
    A happy and fulfilling 2016 to you and your family. X

    (ps Robert never said how the turkey came out at Christmas! And which method he settled on in the end)


    1. hi Joe, how lovely of you to write this – i thought that i hadn’t seen any of your tweets – though i must admit, i link this account directly so it does it for me. I wish you a wonderful and prosperous new year ahead! love christina x ps the turkey came out fine, less dry, not sure what he did different but shall ask and report back! you know that he is the cook in the family!


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