you can always find a good hotel deal by checking out secret escapes or in advance – some hotels are discounted by at least 30%, but you have to keep checking.  i booked a night in the midland hotel for robert and i during the xmas holiday whilst visiting my mother – it was a great deal, including use of the spa – under a £100 for an amazingly large room.   its a large and traditional style hotel,  but a nice change from all the modern formulaic hotels that are now around – its also very central to the city centre.  close by is the city gallery which is home to some of my favourite pre raphaelite paintings.

i am always asked about chinese food in manchester – we tend to go to 3 restaurants – Yang Sing, Kwok Man and Tai Pan.   to be honest, they are not as high quality as the london ones, but they are reasonably priced and the standard is usually good.  the cornerhouse cinema is now ‘Home’ with not only art and cinema, but now theatre too and is relocated in a much larger and modern venue, not far from its original location.  its a nice place to meet for a drink too.  we went to see ‘wild tales’, which i didnt know anything about, except i thought it was directed by almodovar, but in fact its just produced by him.  i should have guessed by the trailers that it was going to contain a lot of violence.  six short stories, interpreting world issues with black humour and satire – it reveals the wild beast that is within us all;  to be honest, i didnt enjoy it all – although it has great reviews and my son loved it.  my kids accuse me of only watching romantic dramas!  i must admit, i watched the 3 part bbc drama ‘and then there were none’ by agatha christie and as this was a much more modern version – its left me waking up with the harrowing visual murders – not usually shown in agatha christie.  however it was very tense and a real whodunnit, so catch it up on inlayer.



i love this painting ‘sappho’ by Charles-August Mengin which hangs in the manchester art gallery.

Sappho was a Greek poet who lived around 600BC. she wrote about love, yearning and reflection, often dedicating her poems to the female pupils who studied with her on the island of Lesbos. many stories are told about her and Mengin  chose to paint one that says she threw herself into the sea because of unrequited love for a young man: (Still holding in that fearful leap her loved lyre) into the deep, and dying, quenched the fatal fire at once, of both her heart and lyre


7 thoughts on “manchester

  1. Happy New Year and thank you for your posts! Yours is one of the few blogs I read consistently and enjoy. so good to know of one other person who did not enjoy wild tales much. I seem to be surrounded by friends and family who only have good things to say about it! Best wishes


    1. thank you teresa – yes, seems like i was a minority amongst all my friends too. in fact, i now see the comedy in it, but thought it sad that you would want to make violence and losing your temper into a comedy. have a happy new year!! christina x


  2. Could you recommend your favourite Chinese restaurants in London. Each time we visit the city we always follow your tips – do you have a favourite?


  3. I did read the Manchester entry, thank you. I was just there a couple months back.

    Do write a post about your fave Chinese restaurants in London Christina, if you have the time, as there are so many to choose from and we need an insider’s tip!

    Happy New Year and best wishes to you!


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