film photography

i have a lot of cameras both film and digital, but i still like to browse and see the old cameras for sale, putting on my wish list a leica or roliflex – aperture photographic not only sells analog cameras but you can also develop your films here too at an affordable price.  they are much more reliable than snappy snaps and boots for processing films.   its good to know that there are still specialist shops like this.

does anybody use film any more?  or is it just young photography students?  alice only uses film for her own work  – and tends to use the digital via her phone for her facebook.   i love the lomography shop in Newburgh street W1 – not only can you pick up fun cameras to buy for presents for young budding photographers ,but you can also get your films processed and printed and join in on  lots of interesting events and competitions.  lets hope that film doesnt die out and becomes the art form that i think it will be.  i still dont think that you can print a digital black and white print to be as atmospheric as a traditional hand printed black and white print.

13Dec2014_0078 13Dec2014_0069 13Dec2014_0019

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