luggage tags

if like me you are frantically still wrapping presents right unto xmas eve and have run out of gift tags – get the kids help you with making some.  i bought the classic luggage labels from the stationary shop, and then stamped them and cut out the snowflake.  i bought these rubber stamps and snoweflake dye cutter from cox and cox, or try hobby craft which has some clever gift ideas.  why not take advantage of the sales, and stock up for next year – its being organised, but i find it does help to just have that bag in the corner of your room that you throw doubles of everything that you have bought for yourself, to give as a present.  that way, you never get caught out at birthdays.

last year maude made her own labels for wrapping – i thought it was quite beautiful the madonna and very original.


4 thoughts on “luggage tags

  1. I use cards as tags also, sooo much easier! I put more effort into tags for the selected few! Just discovered a great fun Christmas song, Must be Santa by Bob Dylan. Its a great song to dance around to in the kitchen whilst getting the Christmas dinner ready. I get a bit tired of the same old songs for Christmas and love finding something else that’s fun! xx


  2. Went last night…food was lovely but I don’t do carbs Monday to Friday so any food at the moment would be delicious!! Charlotte Street Hotel for drinks after was was quite quiet which we loved after the madness leading up to Christmas! Came home very ‘zen’ but obviously full of cocktails! xx


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