piano recitals

you may remember that i started piano lessons from scratch 3 years ago  – i have still continued with my group lessons at city lit, with a wonderfully patient teacher, Chryssa.  i now can play grade 2 pieces which is a great achievement for me – i just say to myself, in another 3 years, i should be able to play a tune competently!  anyhow, a couple of the lovely ladies from my class have now introduced me to lunchtime piano recitals around london – most of them free of charge.  yesterday we visited the absolutely wonderful st james’s church – a christopher wren church of beautiful proportions – to listen to a very talented young pianist, Mark Viner, only 26 years old and a very accomplished young man.  it was a very serene and gentle place to sit, relax, lose yourself in what is usually busy part of london and listen to live music.  there are lots of recitals like this all over london, you just need to look at their calendars in advance.   on mondays, there is usually a food market in the front courtyard – with delicious hot food to choose from.

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