xmas houses

one of my musts this xmas holiday is to go to the geffrye museum – i havent been for ages.   its a lovely time to visit, there is an exhibition of christmas past, 400 years of seasonal traditions in english homes!  its a lovely day out, combine it with a visit to the flower market on sunday, pick up your wreath and mistletoe at the same time.

11Dec2011_2655 (1)112_xmas_lights

i loved the new home store of alistair hendy – food stylist and photographer – all housed in a beautifully restored 18C georgian house – very reminiscent of the spitalfields weaver homes.  it was all so perfectly laid out, so that you wandered through the rooms, floor to floor, marvelling the space, the props (all for sale), the rows of bottles and brushes.  think labour and wait and bailey’s home, but with its own character – worth visiting hastings just to see the store.  now is a great time to go, because for december alistair has  opened the doors to his own home to show how he has lovingly restored it.

hendy_0007 08Sep2012_0011

and not forgetting  – dennis severs house in spitalfields.   the 17C silkweavers house ,which was lovingly restored as a working house but in its original time, is an insight into life of that period and it certainly keeps your mind wondering.

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