Bermondsey Street

i really want to revisit the fashion and textile museum over on Bermondsey Street – there is an exhibition about Liberty at the moment.  I noticed that they also do courses and events there – would make good gifts for those creative types.  Bermondsey Street is  buzzing with independent gift and  coffee shops, all very busy -and  if you get a chance eat in Jose Piazarro’s tapas bar, but you may have to wait.   the White Cube has a room of Gilbert & George’s banners – at first you think throwaway statements scrawled on newspaper stand type posters,  but once you walk around the rest of the gallery and see the accompanying painting exhibition, you really see that their message is loud and clear.  they manage to express themselves in their own way  – walk around the gallery with ‘no title list’ and you will recognise the wondrous picasso, matisse and freuds, but still you will remember the Gilbert & George pieces more vividly.  i love nearby bermondsey market too, but difficult to combine the 2 places as you will end up wanting to buy all the delicious produce and have to carry it around with you all day.

bermondsey21Dec2013_0023_1 21Dec2013_0028_1 21Dec2013_0029 (1)


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