i really love the english seaside in the winter – especially early mornings.  we stayed at the lovely chalet rooms at the anchor in walberswick – which also has great food too.  the curtains were slightly open and i awoke to the beautiful sunrise over the sea, which is directly ahead of the rooms (you can’t actually see the sea, but a short walk over the hump reveals the wonderful view).  i couldn’t believe that people still go swimming at this time of year and  there were definitely windsurfers already out there!


2 thoughts on “walberswick

  1. Walberswick is still lovely but sadly all the houses are now bought by famous celebs or city types and are only occupied in the summer when The Street, the only road into Walberswick ,is reminiscent of the M25. You were wise visiting this time of year, during the week is even nicer when you can walk along the beach without seeing a soul. My friends have lived there for twenty five years or more so I visit regularly, their house is just along from the Anchor, but all their friends are now moving on driven out by the luvvies and the obnoxious bankers who have now taken over. However, for a short break, in the off season, its just gorgeous and still relatively wild and unspoilt. At dusk, walking along the dunes with behind you the reed beds singing in the wind it can be quite magical and other worldly.


    1. sadly a lot of places have gone like that – even our village in spain is far too busy on a weekend in august. we love places out of season, our favourite being Venice. its a shame as locals can no longer afford the high prices of those cottages leaving it to the bankers….. still a lovely haven out of summer.


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