loved this film – suffragette – not just because of the costumes, cinematography and the brilliant acting, but because it highlights the struggles of women all over the world;  happily we have gone beyond most of the challenges that women in the early 1900’s faced, but it reminds us that traces still exist in some parts of the world.  its hard to believe that women  had to sacrifice their children and homelife to voice their right to equality.   As a woman i salute their bravery, determination and resilience to effectively allow our lives to be as they are today.  carey mulligan just goes from strength to strength and edwardian london looks great with its bustling streets and laundry.

for some reason i got addicted to doctor foster – the bbc drama that just finished;  it was very compelling at first, but as it drew nearer to the finale, i was very disappointed to see the wronged woman as a neurotic, angry, revengeful female – only a male could have written that.

27Oct2014_0030 27Oct2014_0031


2 thoughts on “suffragette

    1. hi Anne, I think that you have to push for what you want and be more assertive – life is always a battle, but compared to the life my mother had, I definitely have a better life – and yes you do have to work for it.x


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