basket weaving

There isnt much to buy in Vejer, except the wonderful olive oil, tuna and tortas biscuits – the rest seems to be a collection of moroccan crafts .  But if you do get to Vejer you must go to the basket shop which is behind the house, on the road around the town with the view, Juani Marchan, Trafalgar 7 – you can see them weave the baskets there.  Not everything is home crafted, but you will find a lovely collection of containers, bags, hats, and tableware.   Also you must pop into the electrical shop again behind our house, on the road parallel, Calle Juan Bueno, just up from the Pizza Posta.  Its where we get our lightbulbs and kettles, but the owner has an amazing collection of radios there – ranging from the early 1920’s up wards – he must have at least 100 in the shop that he restores and maintains – worth the visit just to see the collection.  you may be able to pick up one of the hand painted fans that he sells very cheaply too.31Aug2012_0012 09Mar2015_0001 09Mar2015_0003

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