vejer de la fronterra

so here we are again – back in vejer, probably the last time for this year – mainly to close the house for the season, but also to work out yearly house improvements over the winter months.  we did that ridiculous thing of getting up at 3am to get a 7am flight from standsted – remind me never to do this again!  the only good thing is that you arrive in time for lunch.  for the first time in 15 years we could not park in our town – so we drove straight to barbate for lunch at the newly refurbished el campero.  this far too modern restaurant for what is rather a poor working class fishing town, has exceptional high quality tapas and food.  the restaurant itself was fully booked, but you are always able to get a table in the tapas section or on the terrace.  we returned fully satisfied on the best local tuna – barbate is the main provider for japan’s tuna sushi market – to discover that Vejer was holding its first ‘lomo en manteca‘ festival – ie pork loin in lard festival!  hundreds of spanish locals flocked to our town at precisely the time we first tried to arrive to see the demonstration of lomo en manteca being made.    only in vejer this could happen – there always seems to be some kind of festival, procession or saints day.   its showers, sun and clouds, but the sun seemed to shine for the rest of the day.  yesterday we drove to a bathroom shop, to discover that its a saints day and that all shops in andalucia are closed – so we drove to the nearby la barossa beach – an area that in high season is very tourist and built up, but in october, its a perfect time to visit.  another surprising fact is that within 20 mins drive the weather along this coast can dramatically change – it can be rainy and overcast inland, but clear, sunny and blue skies in another part.   we had a drink and tapas at the mojama beach chiringuito which was very pleasant indeed – a wooden shack right on the sand, followed by lunch at our favourite la fontanilla in conil.  


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