royal college of physicians

what a beautiful weekend we had in london – it makes up for all the cold wet and grey days!  we looked at the list of open house buildings close to us and decided on the royal college of physicians.  its a stunning building, built in 1964 by the renowned Sir Denys Lasdun, who also designed the national theatre – which people either love or hate!  i love it!  but you cannot dislike the beautiful marble tiled building in regents park – the conference room is stunning as well as the library!   attention to detail is all over this design and how bold to be so inventive when all the neighbouring buildings are the famous nash terraces of regents park.  reminds me of the much smaller olivetti space in venice. open house london is now finished, but what a great idea!

The Olivetti showroom is one of the most exquisite rooms I’ve ever been in, restored to its simple, yet sumptuous elegance and open to the public. It was designed by Carlo Scarpa in 1957 with the utmost attention to detail.  i love baroque venice, but it was refreshing to find something like this amongst all the venetian typical style.  i particularly loved the marble/chip floor which were similar to the marble tiles on the physician’s building.

16Dec2014_0195 16Dec2014_0190 16Dec2014_0181 16Dec2014_016816Dec2014_0191


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