peckham rye

so alfie has moved  to peckham – to experience university life at its fullest in a sparsely furnished student house! so my taxi driving and furniture moving skills comes into force again……..  i was very impressed with what i saw though.  his house is located very close to peckham plex, this cinema offers films at a great affordable price.  on the top of the roof of the nearby multiplex car park is frank’s cafe – an open air bar and restaurant, usually  open in the summer – check its opening time.  it was the first time that i had been to peckham rye, with its bustling shops it was a pleasant relief to all the other developed shopping streets . the bussey building is an old warehouse filled with artists, designers, yoga, food – its exciting, young and refreshing.  we had lunch at peckham refreshment,  small lunch menu, but delicious using local fresh ingredients.  open from breakfast to dinner.  so i have found a new area to explore and discover!


PlastikPatrick 083

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