dont know what to make of this film – i guessed that it wasn’t going to be uplifting from the one line review that i always allow myself before seeing a film.  its like a play – a study of 2 characters whose ‘perfect’ marriage is coming up to its 45th anniversary.  the ending leaves you wondering was it just female paranoia, was there something more sinister, or was she always 2nd best, was their marriage based on his love of another that he couldn’t have?  its definitely worth seeing, with great performances by charlotte rampling and tom courtenay – it leaves you feeling uncomfortable and wondering, its not a great insight into growing old.  the misty landscapes of norfolk adds to the melancholic moods – a film that stays with you and keeps you thinking……

to be honest if Robert and I get to 45 years in our marriage and lead as normal a life as they portrayed i imagine i would be happy……   21 years is not even half way there yet so a long time to go…….

by the way, i saw this film at the newly opened home cinema complex in manchester – formerly the cornerhouse and library theatre company, who have joined together,  this new larger premises has 5 screens and 2 theatres, exhibition space and restaurant – all situated opposite the spot where i used to frequent the hacienda club in the early 1980’s – brought back memories.

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