courses for further education

its that time of year when you start to think about what courses to do – but if you leave it too late, they will be full.  i just tried to sign back onto my morning life class at the working mens college and its already got a wait list – fortunately there is an afternoon session, but Janet Unwin is so popular, you find that all her sessions get filled quickly – there are some students who have been attending her classes for over 30 years!  now i know why they are so brilliant – it does take lots of practice and believe me, you definitely get better.  i have gone one term a year for the last 4 years and my drawings have definitely improved – if only i could find the time to do all the 3 terms a year…….

i have also re- signed onto my piano class at city lit – a friend recommended it to me -i have now done 3 years, and it definitely pushes you to practice – partly because you are forced to keep up with the other students in your class and the fact that you have paid for 10 classes also encourages you not to waste the money.  surprisingly its very affordable and just goes to show what a brilliant education system we have in place for adults of any age to pursue any course that they may to participate in – i look at the courses on offer at city lit and am overwhelmed, it is an amazing college.


watercolour_0007 watercolour_0005  ink_0001

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