mistress america

so now i have a film buddy to see films with – my son – he loves films!  after a soho family dim sum at imperial china, we went to the curzon – one of my favourite cinemas which is sadly under threat due to cross rail 2, (please sign the petition to save),   to see ‘Mistress America‘ – the 2nd film co written by husband and wife team Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig;  its funny, witty and  modern –  well written and well acted.   its a study of personalities  and characters rather than a big story, would work well  as a play too.  i also saw the 1948 italian film ‘The bicycle thieves’ at the BFI – a strange film that poignantly showed the hardship of life in italy at that time;  you know whats going to happen because of the title and there was a constant feeling of stress as he runs around the city.   it was not an uplifting film, more a reminder and insight of how desperate life was.  the clothes are a  joy though.  the ending is a real surprise too.  i love the BFI, watching old films on the big screen is so much more enjoyable and its how they were meant to be viewed – i am always shocked when i see my kids watching films on their iPhones!


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