eating out

we had a week without any children around and after a couple of nights of cooking for ourselves we decided to try a few different places and after all paying for only 2 of us was much cheaper and hey, the weather was good and who wants to do all that shopping, cooking and cleaning;  we finally made it to Gokyuzu  in Green Lanes – we LOVE turkish food, especially in dalston, but so many people have talked about Green Lanes that we thought that we would give it a go.  it was a tuesday evening and the queue was in the street at 7pm – thankfully we reserved – the food was good, but the bustling restaurant didn’t feel relaxing and it was very noisy, couldn’t hear each other speak – if all you want to do is eat tasty food, then thats fine.  but i shall be returning to the mangal in dalston.   we had a drink in the amazing salisbury pub, with its high victorian interior – its a grand size and beautiful maintained interior – wish we had a pub like that near us.   worth visiting green lanes just to remind yourself of a bygone era.  some friends took us to Taberna de Mercado in spitalfields – personally i thought that it was disappointing and overpriced – and i went home still hungry!  maybe we went on a bad night.    we also went to cecconi’s on an evening – have only been there once before for coffee – absolutely loved the traditional italian food and fun to people watch – people definitely dress up to go there!    its back to cooking and cleaning again – but this time Maude made us some vietnamese summer rolls filled with tofu and prawns – yum – home made food is the best!



2 thoughts on “eating out

  1. We have recently taken to eating sunday lunch out with family and friends (not all at the same time though!) and we are hooked on Turkish food also. I cannot remember the last time we made a sunday roast, I think it may have been Christmas! I love my sunday lunches out now, but I do have a retired husband (there has to be some benefits to retiring early!) so that makes a big difference not having to go to work the next day as our last lunch finished at 11.30pm! xx


    1. you make me laugh, thats like a spanish lunch rolled into dinner! robert loves to cook sunday lunch – but at least once every now and again we take out all the family, especially as Alice no longer lives at home. xx


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