the dreaded letter

dont you hate those weeks when you think everything is falling apart and your luck is down turned?  after a routine mammogram i got the dreaded letter asking for recall and more tests;  you tell yourself its just routine, everything is ok, but in reality you are a bag of nerves – your whole life and its perspective changes – you start thinking the worse – and you finally realise that your health is what matters in life.  thanks to the NHS, i was given an appointment in 3 days at the wonderful St Barts – and after a couple more examinations given the all clear.  what a relief and how amazing that we have this system of informing and testing in place in this country.  so i implore all you ladies to have your routine tests, it not only  finds any irregularities but can save your life too.   on the way out, i popped into the little museum telling the history of st barts – did you know that its one of the first hospitals to be built in England?

i love this picture of the rainbow over the rooftops of havana – rainbows are one of those phenomena that are magical!

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11 thoughts on “the dreaded letter

  1. That happened to me too, I wish I’d known that it’s normal to get called back and that breast tissue is very hard to read as everyone’s is different like a fingerprint and they don’t know what’s normal for you. What massive relief to learn all was well – but only made me think of the women for whom the news was not so good.


    1. i agree and from the minute you open that letter, your heart sinks and you start thinking negatively…… i felt worried until the end result….. and yes, i hoped that the other women in the room with me had good news too. xx


      1. I worried way too much too, but having lost my oldest friend to breast cancer in our 30’s it was all too real. I kept reminding myself the screening programme is a good thing, it really is!, if we have a cancer it’s best detected early.


  2. hi Christina

    so pleased to hear that you are fine,,I ‘ve had two of those letters in the past 3 years..and yes, you explained the feelings very well! I have a dear friend, who is not so fortunate as us,,very sadly in advanced stages of cancer.

    So, I have been making pink glass stars and hearts to sell to raise money for the breast cancer unit at the hospital where she is having treatment in Salisbury.

    I know this is a bit cheeky, but Would you be able to possibly post a piece on what I’m doing? each star or heart is handmade and so quite unique, just like all of us! here is the link to the ‘story’ about them and also a link to my shop

    I completely understand if you aren’t able to do this, as it conflicts with what you would normally write about, but I am of an age now, where I think, if you don’t ask …! hope you don’t mind!

    Thanks for reading this anyway and have a lovely weekend

    best wishes



    1. you didn’t put your links; my readers look at the comments too, so they will be clicked on if you put the links in your reply. can you tweet me and then i can retweet too – i do hope your friend is ok; i know of several friends who have lived and not survived too. x


  3. So relieved to hear you have the all clear! Been touched by this with my twin sister who is fine at the moment but it’s never out of my mind. X


  4. Good news Christina! I have just met a friend today for lunch who has just undergone treatment for breast cancer, not one of the lucky ones, but we were both saying how lucky we are in this country to have such a marvelous NHS service. The breast care clinics and the after treatment, should you need it, are second to none. I had a similar experience, to you, the other month and was telling my friend that from going to the Drs with a lump, to seeing a specialist and being relieved to find out it was a cyst, took just 4 days in all, and that too was on the NHS.


  5. Thank goodness that nothing was found after the recall from the initial mamogram.I really understand the sense of yr world turned upside down.
    What a wonderful relief.I hope you celebrated with Rober X

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