brunel museum

london never ceases to amaze me – there are lots of hidden tunnels and historical sites to see, you could spend every weekend seeking them all out!  last night, Robert and I went to see what was the brunel tunnel grand entrance – now sadly a derelict cylindrical chamber that showed signs of the brilliance of brunel and what was the descent into the first tunnel under the thames from rotherhithe to wapping.  (wear sensible shoes if you want to climb down into the chamber).   how amazing if somebody could reinstate the chamber to its original glory – you can check out images from the paintings and illustrations on show at the museum.  enjoy a kebab and a drink in the herb garden housed in the roof of the chamber;  situated right by the thames enjoy the sunset views over the river.  we also had a drink in the mayflower pub, one of the original dockside inns that has a terrace directly overlooking the thames. further down the river, you can also visit the angel for riverside views.  on our way home, we passed morito, our favourite eating place at the moment and stopped off for a couple of dishes – we loved the fried chickpea salad and beef and boquerones with fried garlic.

08Aug2015_0017 thames08Aug2015_0013

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