wool filler

i cannot get rid of clothes moths – strangely they are around my sofa and yet there are no holes in the linen – me thinks that they live in the feather cushions.   i have tried everything from sprays, to moth balls, sachets,  sticky pads, cedar wood, lavender pillows….   but nothing completely kills them off.   if you have an answer……….

what a wonderful idea for repairing your knitwear and especially your precious cashmeres that have got eaten by moths!   woolfiller can make a decorative addition to your jumpers, or you can choose the closest colour to patch up.

3 thoughts on “wool filler

  1. Hi Christina,I had terrible problems with moths.Two absolute remedies are first,can you dry clean the woollen stuffing?That works.The other solution is hiring or finding someone with a large freezer and put the stuffing in the freezer for a month.That way all the eggs die.
    Hope this helps!

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