films on planes

i love to travel, but i hate to physically travel – maybe one day there will be an easier way, but even with all this on line precheck on, choose your seats before you board,  carry on only and go straight through to security – its still always a long lengthy and stressful process.  i now use the time for long haul flights to either catch up on my reading, or viewing films – which is exactly what i did this time.  i managed to watch a few films that i missed, ‘Dior and I’ – a fascinating insight into the high couture fashion world – loved the dresses that Raf Simons created – but what intense pressure…….

x + y is about a borderline autistic teenager with brilliant maths ability – interesting character studies, especially by Sally Hawkins who played the mother.  i am also embarrassed to admit that i watched ‘fifty shades of grey’ – intrigued by the fact that sam taylor johnson, who i respect highly agreed to direct it – please dont even waste your time.


2 thoughts on “films on planes

  1. I travel much more now my husband is retired (don’t wish this upon yourself, its a huge adjustment!) so I catch up with films/theatre in blocks. Over the last 2 days, I have seen Mr Holms which I thought was a stunningly beautiful film, Ian McKellen was superb…then yesterday went to see Bend It Like Bekham. Such a great show as you know. I don’t ‘do’ musicals but I took my 17yr old nephew and we danced all the way to covent garden after! it was so uplifting and such a fun show. We loved it. I came home and put Bangra music on my ipod..will be great to play when you have a party! xx

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