tatton park

my talented green fringe red friend Laura Arison is showing her garden design that she did for Maggie’s Cancer Charity at the northern equivalent of chelsea flower show – at Tatton Park.   so a few of us spontaneously decided to visit her – and especially as it was her birthday.  typically that particular day decided to team down with rain!  its not as glamorous as chelsea, but i managed to buy a few plants for my mother, surprise her with a quick visit and purchase a copper wire basket, which I am going to use as a wastepaper bin from my favourite shop Moth in didsbury.   its the last day tomorrow at Tatton Park and you can probably get lots of plants cheap – i did notice that the prices were at least half the price of the ones on offer at chelsea.

elise and I ate lunch on chorlton green, which is now the hot spot for a la fresco dining.  there’s an outdoor mini market on the green, selling deli food, home made chocs, olives and a few gift items.  elise has lived there over 30 years and i remember there was nothing then, how areas change.

24Jul2015_0023 24Jul2015_0015 laura_flowers_0013 laura_garden_0009


2 thoughts on “tatton park

  1. Hi Christina, I don’t believe it, our paths have crossed again! I was at Tatton on Friday, the day it rained and I saw your friends garden, lovely. If you had been with Elise & I had bumped into her I would have been able to finally introduce myself. Its like the film sliding doors 🙂 I love Moth also, definitely impossible to come away empty handed and isn’t Hazel, the owner, lovely? Hope you enjoyed your trip to Tatton? It was my first time there and I enjoyed it but thought it was a little over rated, maybe that’s just me?


    1. i can’t believe it too Karen, mine was a real last minute decision and Elise was on her way back from Paris with the kids. I haven’t met Hazel, but I am sure that she is really nice, yes very difficult to come away empty handed. I will be home a lot more, as my mother is sadly deteriorating in health, so maybe one day we can meet up with elise. why dont you contact her and she always knows when i am up next. xxx


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