Port Antonio

our host Jon Baker is not only entrepreneurial but executes his visions with style and passion – Geejam started as his home, then a recording studio and now a boutique hotel;  he now has added another hotel to his portfolio – Trident – spacious modern style villas right by the sea, a turn of the century chateau for weddings and events and a modern house or two……..  comfort is his signature together with flashes of Jamaican style .  Geejam and Trident are about 10 mins apart and have very different vibes – dinner at Mike’s Supper Club is reminiscent of a jazz club, together with local music and a modern jamaican menu – its a contrast to the neighbouring Boston Jerk chicken shacks.   both hotels encourage activities outside of the hotel – dinner at Soldiers Camp is literally a shack down a windy lane, but the home cooked food is delicious.  San San beach is a small cove perfect for scuba diving and snorkelling  – sometimes though its heaven to just sit and stay around the pool and enjoy your hotel .

sunset at Trident
sunset at Trident



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