frenchman’s cove

only a 5 min drive from where we are staying has to be one of the most beautiful beaches  that i have ever seen – its not grand or long, but small and  flanked by high cliffs, the turquoise blue sea runs into a blue lagoon, which is perfect for swimming in.  the beach itself is pure white sand and nestled in the lush tropical rainforest – totally unspoilt, with a few tree top houses hidden in the greenery – it really is  paradise.  of course there were a few tourists, but mainly the beach is frequented by locals and their children.   apparently there is a hotel there, pretty basic, but definitely affordable.   whats fantastic about this side of the island is how unspoilt the area is with natural wondrous landscapes.   the only downside is that Frenchman’s cove is privately owned, like a few of the lovely beaches in the area, so there is a small charge to enter, but what that does mean is that there are good toilet facilities and the beach is very clean.  Winifred beach is one of the last free public beaches and this is maintained by the locals – there is an optional donation to keep towards the maintenance;  sadly it means that the locals have to pay to go on their own beaches, which is not right.

14Jul2015_frenchman_cove_0396 14Jul2015_frenchman_cove_0389 14Jul2015_frenchman_cove_0378 14Jul2015_frenchman_cove_0373 insp_012


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