9 hours by plane, 4 hours by car – paradise is not easy to get too – but being back in Port Antonio is bliss- it was definitely worth the long journey.  you realise why resorts are scattered around the airports – people want easy access – but then you get commercialism.  Geejam is paradise – understated comfort and relaxation right by the sea with its own cove and nestled in the bird sanctuaries beyond the blue mountains. even if you dont choose to stay here, the bush bar restaurant is the idyllic setting for paradise.

i managed to combat jet leg with the following natural remedies – half way through the flight and then twice a day, i took the homeopathic jet lag remedy  by ainsworths;; during the flight and each morning a sachet of green tea plus C by sencha- you used to be able to buy vitamin C sachets with all the minerals, but they are increasingly hard to find – this apparently rehydrates from the long journey and gives you the essential vitamins.

2 thoughts on “Jamaica

  1. GeeJam looks FABULOUS! Looking forward to hearing about it as im always looking for recommendations as we travel more now….im off to Sardinia this morning for a quick week away…not quite the same! Have a wonderful hols..xx

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