lewes and brixton

now that the warmer weather is upon us, we have decided to explore different parts of the english seaside – so off we went to Lewes, Firle and Beachy Head. we really liked the historic town of Lewes, but as it was a sunday none of the shops were open – which indicated that its not just a town for tourists – but nonetheless it was disappointing as there looked like lots of lovely independent shops like Freight – selling homewares.  we actually booked lunch in Firle beforehand, at the Ram Inn, but we arrived to find that the kitchen was so overloaded that they had closed and weren’t reopening for 20 mins and then it was 45 min wait for food – as we already had to wait til 2pm for a table, we were too hungry to wait !  it did look the best of all the pubs in the area and seemed very popular.  Charleston Farmhouse was on our list to see, but we ran out of time – this was the meeting place for the artists of the bloomsbury group.   the village of Firle looked like a very picturesque village, but we didn’t get to see the big manor house – where apparently its good to have tea.   we headed to Birling Gap, a lovely beach with white high cliffs and its  national trust cafe – and close by Beachy Head – famous for its suicides – not  great if you have vertigo as the edge is indeed very precarious and steep.  the views are just stunning though!  other recommendations were the Tiger Inn at East Dean, Glynde, Cuckfield and pleasant stores  in Lewes.  the worst part of the day was the driving home – leaving at 4.30 to get back to london  by car is quite a nightmare – it took us 3 hours to get home!


2 thoughts on “lewes and brixton

  1. Next time in the area you should pay a visit to Farley Farmhouse the home of the Surrealists. You will need to book a tour but it is fascinating and still in the family of Lee Miller and Roland Penrose.

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