newquay is fun for the young teenagers – lots of surf style shops, but our favourite place to go for lunch or to see the evening sun go down is just past the centre of  newquay  – lewinnick lodge – situated on a headland  where the views are just spectacular.  its always busy especially in the evenings, so its a good idea to reserve in advance.

newquay14Jun2015_0023 newquay14Jun2015_0027


if you want to surf, then watergate bay is the beach to go – lovely sandy beach, surrounded by high cliffs.  Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant is also situated there, but you need to book in advance.  its also another amazing place to catch the sunset.  the watergate bay hotel is apparently the hip place to stay!

2 thoughts on “newquay

  1. I love it there…had many happy holidays there with Tom, teaching him how to sail! We travelled the world with him, which I am happy about now as due to his Autism, his world has become smaller as he cant cope with Airports now.. but I have never seen him happier than when we were in that part of the world. Salcombe also…there is a special kind of calmness which is very good for the head and if it wasnt so far away, I would have a bolt hole there, no question about! xx


    1. yes, its a long way, but now our best friends have decamped there, we find ourselves visiting them a couple of times a year – they are doing up a flat to rent out – you would love it, great views of the estuary – will post it once its finished. funnily enough, my father in law lived near Salcombe, so I have been there too – very pretty. xx


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