hampstead heath

i cant believe that after 30 years of living in london that i have never been to hampstead ladies ponds – of course with all this warm weather, everyone is there enjoying the water and the sun.   i have friends who are far more hardy and swim every day there, even during the winter – i am sadly too wimpy to think about swimming in a pond – if i cant see the bottom then it worries me, but I aim to overcome this fear this year.

hampstead is an oasis in the middle of a city that offers peace and tranquility – it spreads so far from parliament hill and southhill park to highgate that you can always find a peaceful spot.   robert and I went for early breakfast at Kenwood House yesterday – one of my favourite places to enjoy a cup of tea and cake – and cooked breakfast is surprisingly good for a self service restaurant. i have to admit i do wish that they would sometimes do table service, all that queuing and sorting out your tray takes away the relaxing part of having breakfast out.   loved the henry moore sculptures dotted in the beautiful landscape.


01May2011_0095 (1)hampstead15Jul2013_0004

One thought on “hampstead heath

  1. Be brave….go for a swim! I hadn’t seen the ponds either until a few weeks ago when we went to regents park theatre. We decided to do a walk before dinner in Hampstead, so beautiful. If I lived closer, I would definitely do a swim! xx


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