shopping bags

i truly avoid to take bags from shops now, especially the plastic kind – and so i have a series of fold up bags within my handbags, from canvas and nylon, but my favourite is this 50’s style net bag, which i picked up from portobello green market from lovely Fola’s stand, she is  only there on fridays, and amongst her finds are her speciality vintage scarves.  for those who love to collect scarves (i have to admit that i do have a soft spot for all types of scarves, wool, silk, chiffon….)you can still buy her beautiful book – makes a good present.


One thought on “shopping bags

  1. Great post about taking re-usable bags (and such beautiful ones!).

    I’m just starting up a initiative on my local (tiny) high street to promote shopping local and to take re-usable bags. The drag is to get people to remember to take one, I guess, so having them in your handbag anyway, as you say, make sure you’re always ready to pick up some shopping along the way!

    The project is called High Town Bag,, and it would lovely if you’d be happy to approve this post to your blog.

    Greetings from High Town, Luton,


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