love claudia’s pile of chopping boards in her kitchen – you can get great chopping boards like these from Tom Dixon.

30Apr2015_0008 30Apr2015_0007

I just love browsing through kitchen shops, especially lovely ones.  My favourites are Summerill and Bishop in Holland Park – a beautiful provence style kitchen shop, labour and wait – in Cheshire Street- a more utilitarian shop, quite retro;  toast home –  lovely collection of hamman towels, ceramic tableware  and glasses;   pedlars – in Portobello, again a lovely collection of vintage style kitchen and classic finds. i  absolutely love the home store of alistair hendy – food stylist and photographer – all housed in a beautifully restored 18C georgian house – very reminiscent of the spitalfields weaver homes. it’s all so perfectly laid out, so that you wander through the rooms, floor to floor, marvelling the space, the props (all for sale), the rows of bottles and brushes.  its one of the main reasons to visit hastings.


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