there are those who prefer smoothies and those who choose juicing –  some say that having the whole fruit and vegetable in a blender, such as a nutribullet (incidentally all my friends seem to have one of these devices and swear by them) conserves all the fibre, goodness and vitamins.  however, i am on the side of the juicing theory, that you cold press your vegetables and fruit to maintain the goodness, but because you haven’t got all the fibre your body can absorb the vitamins quicker, especially if you start with the juice first thing in the morning.  anyhow, for the past year, i have been juicing kale, ginger, celery, cucumber, pear and carrot almost every day – not sure whether i see the difference, but i haven’t had a cold for over a year!  i recently upgraded my juicer to the kuvings, which can actually juice a whole apple.  my previous one meant that i had to chop everything into eighths, so hopefully this will save more time.  i loved the  cacao almond milk from  42 juice in brighton – you can make fresh almond milk easily with the juicer, soak unsalted almonds overnight, then add equal parts of water and almonds to the juicer – easy peasy!

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