sunny vejer

so i am back in sunny vejer – in fact its nearly 30C and warm enough to swim in the sea!  my 2 girlfriends’ favourite beach is Zahora – not to be mistaken with Zahara de los atunes.  because there are lots of rocks in the sea, there is a natural break for the usual wavy sea and when the tide goes out, leaves a wonderful natural swimming pool.  its always a great excuse to come out and manage the house, getting it ready for the summer rentals – its one of the plus’s of owning a house abroad.  (and let me tell you there are also lots of minus’s).   i still havent found the best anti mosquito preventitive – any suggestions would be great, but avon skin so softly seems to be a little help. the homeopathic remedy apis is meant to be good for the swelling.



4 thoughts on “sunny vejer

  1. Hi
    When I was in Valencia last October the Mosquitos were everywhere so I bought a homeopathic cream Cardiospermum salbe Cosmochema by Laboratorios Heel Espana it’s brilliant. I have it with me in hot and humid New York now and one bite and a small application and no sting.


  2. Mosiguard – natural but effective, recommended by the London School of Tropical Medicine. Works on the vicious mossies of the caribbean and also on the swarms of midges in Skye – we use it a lot.


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