its true what they say – as you get older, your friends start retiring away to the seaside or the country;  i guess it means that you have nice weekend jaunts to look forward to.  one of my lovely friends has now moved to brighton, to kemptown,  just a short walk from the centre of brighton, with its grand seafront crescents and village type shops, its a really vibrant and fun area to live in – with the added advantage of vast spacious rooms and a stones throw away from the seafront.  and so off i went for a days trip to the seaside – only to choose the one day that there was an electrical fault causing disruption on all south eastern trains!  luckily i managed to get there and back with only a 20 min delay, making the round trip to camden and brighton just over 2 hours door to door.

kemptown has everything a high street needs, health food shop, bakery, cafes without the usual chain shops, so instead of just staying in the centre of brighton, try going eastwards.  i then got a tour of claudia’s fave shops, 42 cold pressed juiceworkshop with its beautifully simple home wears, igigi – clothes and general homestore with cafe upstairs, quince beautiful flower shop, utility – another shop similar to labour and wait.  there are definitely a lot of gifts to buy in brighton and its worth a day trip just for a change of scene.

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