black spot remover for patios

continuing my diy i have moved from inside the house to outside – i jet hose the portland stone in my courtyard garden – completely green after the winter months – only to find it covered in black mould spots.  i have tried several products and the only one that works to fade the marks is this product – patio black spot remover – and it really does work!  of course it smells very high in chemicals, but its easy to apply and after a few hours, you will really see the difference.  the shock is the price of the product, but after wasting money on several on the shelf products plus the time wasted, i can highly recommend it.

tree ferns are tropical plants, but because my small courtyard garden is pretty sheltered with its high walls, its quite protected in the winter months. i just love to watch the fronds unfurl, there is something prehistoric about ferns uncurling – it took about 10 days from start to finish.

izzoDebbie Dress_0216 (1)


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