yoga workshop

just done my first all day yoga workshop at the newly moved triyoga in camden – i must admit that i was a bit worried that an all day event would be too long, but the time just flew by.  the whole day was a ‘become who you really are’ day, starting with yoga by the wonderfully serene Nadia Narain and followed by a group work session of family constellations with Nicola Dunn – it was definitely  soul searching with visualisation and meditation.

‘Even when we shelve thoughts and feelings and imagine that we have out them out of sight, the body always remembers. Furthermore your body may even be trying to hold the experience of your past relationships or even that of past generations in your family of origin. ” the workshop was an insight to learn how to release this internal congestion and replacing it with spaciousness, then using the beautiful integration of yoga and family constellations, Nadia and Nicola guided you through a process involving yogic postures, exercises, meditations and visualisations to release entanglements with the past and to take the next healing step towards who you really are.  look out for more interesting workshops and courses at triyoga.

nadia4-03-12188 Nadia12167

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