tea time

i love finding new tea shops, but one of my favourites and generally overlooked is Chinalife Tea House on Camden High street.   its one part of the chinese herbal centre, that not only does treatments, massages and sells books, but also sells loose leaf teas.  a present that i have bought a few friends, from teenagers to the mature is a beautiful glass teapot with bamboo handle,  a couple of glass tea cups  and a bag of rose tea, made with whole roses., and the whole thing costs less than £25.  you can also buy tea ceremony sets, complete with tray, iron teapot and cups

camellia’s tea place has lots and lots of tea things to buy, as well as having a really good cup of tea;  there is also postcard teas in central london and of course fortnum and masons – i am addicted to their green tea with apple, which just takes the bitterness away from the green tea.   my lovely friend zara first bought me that tea and i have now tried all their green teas.  have a look at the beautiful tea cup and saucers that they also sell. am loving the lime blossom tea from my cup of tea –  i also bought the glass teapot with strainer, perfect for steeping the herbs in – its a really calming tea and especially good in the evening to help you wind down. i fell in love with the mariage freres tea shop in selfridges – unfortunately its the only place to buy it in the uk, but i wanted everything!  its pretty pricey, but the packaging makes for a lovely gift and nobody can have too many teas!

if you fancy a quick bit of culture, followed by a nice cream tea, then the wallace collection is a perfect place to go.  its free entry to see their wonderful collection of paintings, set in this lavish mansion.  see joshua reynolds, rembrandt, watteau and velesquez –  a selection of the old masters, alongside pieces of furniture and porcelain.  food is served by peyton and byrne in the lovely airy courtyard – you can go for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea.

another place to have tea is teacup and cakes in manchester – which is a short walk from picadilly train station.

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