letters live

had a really enjoyable evening at the freemason’s hall in covent garden with the final night of letters live – an evening of different artists reading letters – there were letters from Elvis Presley, Ted Hughes, the last letter from Kurt Cobain to his wife and charmingly a series of letters written by an english soldier, made a prisoner of war to his friend – which became a correspondence of love and getting to know someone – and in fact they did marry once he became free. there were letters that were inspiring, funny, poignant and sad – but a reminder of how letter writing was our only form of correspondence years ago and is sadly a dying art..  letters live was performed by a wonderful array of artists from Benedict Cumberbatch, Juliet Stephenson, Toby Jones  to Kylie Minogue and Tom Odell,   apparently each night was different, so next time its on, you must book tickets – its a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

what was really stunning was seeing inside the beautiful art deco interior of the freemason’s hall – if you dont manage to see it at an event, its sometimes open during open house week. 


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