went to see this film with my friend Elise at the cornerhouse cinema – one of my favourite cinemas – its not overpriced like the everyman and although it doesn’t offer you comfy sofas with snacks brought to your seat, it does offer a great selection of films.  i have to admit, it wouldn’t have been my choice of film – its very intense and emotionally bleak – the characters are strongly portrayed, but we came out feeling very down – i see the cinema as a chance of escapism, so realism like this is very disturbing.  i am amazed that the director Xavier Dolan is so young – he wrote and directed it,  and his maturity of understanding feelings is spot on.

contrastingly i watched pretty woman last night on tv and have to admit that its the first time i had ever seen it – just what i needed to brighten up my evening and send me off to sleep with sweet fulfilled dreams!

family wilson
me and my family with local kids manchester 1960’s

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