fish market japan

a great place to get sushi in japan is in the area of the fish market – even the locals are careful where they eat sushi and freshness is key.  the fish market is actually very early, but if you go mid morning, its great to see all the stalls selling everything from dried fish, seaweed, fish products and cooking implements. its like a little borough market, but the theme being fish.

note  a lot of the good restaurants are small and only have say 6 tables and a counter, so be prepared to queue, or do like we did, go at 11.45 for early lunch.

fish_market21Feb2015_0668 fishmarket21Feb2015_0667 fishmarket21Feb2015_0658 21Feb2015_0656


other great fish markets  i have been to are cadiz, barbate, tangier, (which totally turned maude vegetarian for a while) and of course billingsgate, which i have to admit have yet to visit.  i do miss my sunday mornings jaunt down whitstable fish market though .


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