alfie and i went to see ‘still alice’ – he wanted to take me to the movies today, and this was the only film that we both wanted to see that was on at our cinema. its not the best film on mothers day to see with your son   – we both knew that it would be tearful, but didn’t realise how moving and frightening and emotional it would be – take plenty of tissues;  having seen my own mother suffer a life changing stroke and now dementia, it actually made me more aware and i hope and endeavour to be more patient and understanding with her.  Julianne Moore was amazing and delivered the role naturally and powerfully.

ying and christina as baby

2 thoughts on “mothers

  1. You are very brave to see this film…I am holding off on this one as my mother also has dementia. So hard to watch what was such a strong vibrant mother being lost to this hideous illness. Every time I visit mum now, I just keep in mind her dancing with the stall holders in Dalston market when we were kids and try to remember that that woman is still in there, somewhere. I bring my ipad and play her music and bring up images from the past that may jolt her memory and reassure her that she is not going mad which she often says she is. I now panick every time I forget things! xx


    1. I know, it has made me more aware that I could get it – very scary! how lovely of you to play her music and show her images. we tend to open the box of old photos to remind her. i now keep saying, where have i put that key/book/purse – and panic that my brain is getting worse!! have a lovely day, its beautiful and sunny out there. x


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