as we were flying out of seville we decided to have lunch there – we always choose modesto, its a trusted restaurant that has been there for years and popular with the locals.   it was an incredible 27 C, so walking around was just beautiful, but bear in mind that seville is always hotter than the coast, and not recommended for visiting in the summer months – great for the early evenings, but you can’t walk around in the day.  start by crossing the bridge for a walk along the river, watching the rowers go by, have a drink on calle betis, triana , then cross back to the imposing cathedral and make your way through the windy streets of the barrio cruz taking in some of the many tapas bars.

seville’s marie luisa park  is undoubtedly one of my favourite parks in Europe  with its famed Plaza de Espana – which was the centrepiece of the expo, this decorative Palace has beautiful tile work that represents each of the provinces of Spain.   at another end of the park is the Plaza de las Palomas (Plaza of the the Doves), where you find the home of many doves.  you will find that the  children love to feed the doves – you can usually buy seeds to feed them with.     the landscape architect, Nicolas Forestier who redesigned the gardens in 1929 also designed the Bois de Boulogne in Paris.    either take a leisurely walk through the gardens, or take a horse and carriage ride through the wonderful old city of Seville and through the park too.

Seville is the perfect city to visit for the weekend.  We stay at the lovely hotel Casas de la Juderia, perfectly situated in the old quarter.

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