shops in japan

tokyo is all about shopping and food – here is a list of shops and areas of where I was taken – bear in mind that tokyo is enormous and it will take you a whole day to explore one are – so much bigger than london.   whats great is there is shopping for everyone in all areas, lots of mens clothes, house stuff, cute teenage stuff, so something for everyone!  thanks to yuki, we were taken to selected areas that she knew that we would love, so here is my list – some are hard to find links, but if you walk around the areas, you should be able to find.

omotesando area is one of the places with all the designer shops including come des garçons, prada, take a walk around and see the amazing architecture of the brand stores – as there is little restriction in building laws, architects have a field day.

found muji, is a smaller version but  showing antiques and a more curated selection of home goods – more artisan than the usual muji stuff.

higashiaoyama, beautiful ceramics

higashiya – beautiful handmade biscuits, flavoured beans beautifully wrapped.

quico in shibuya-ku – is a great concept shop for home, textiles, clothes, ceramics, beautifully curated.

vacant is a gallery space/bookshop and sells interesting stationary and gift items.

kiddyland for every child in us all – Miffy, kitty, you won’t resist buying something! my girls spent over an hour and half in there!

tokyu foodshow in shibuya, food department – all the quality brands on one floor, from everyday quick eating to high end gift foods – similar to selfridges food store.

asakusa area with its temple, a massive arts and crafts market that looks quite touristy, but you will find everything souvenir there including artisan handicrafts;  this then leads to an area of catering shops – so brilliant for kitchen goods at very good prices.

laforet, store full of younger style clothes, a bit camden, lolita goth style or steam punk as my girls call it – but we all found great trainers in there.

harajuki street is the street full of doll like girls – with their long socks;  girls loved the 100 yen shop, japan’s equivalent of the pound shop, which is full of cute stuff that you can give as presents.  things with japanese characters and cute figures on them, always seem more appealing!

nihonbashi is the traditional old fashioned area – yuki calls it ‘downtown’, but full of characterful shops selling lots of food goodies, including beautiful handcrafted sweets shaped like sushi in a miniature style, to spices and rice crackers – you really just have to walk around the streets to take it all in.

tokyu hands in shibuya is like john lewis, but has great stationary floor, very good choice for absolutely everything.

muji in ginza right by Yurakucho, is a warehouse selling everything, you can even buy a ready made wooden home!  also has a big cafe inside, muji is popular in japan.

daikanyama T site – amazing bookshop, dvd, cd, cafe – lifestyle shop – in a young and vibrant area flu of independent shops

kamimeguro is another fun area to shop with independent shops – olgou is a vintage clothes shop, and cow books has great vintage japanese books and english photography books – you can also get coffee there.

jantiques in nakameguro is an antique shop selling great vintage clothes and homewares.

konguri is another antique shop that sells vintage japanese tableware, of course i couldn’t resist and bought some little plates.

happy shopping!!

tokyo21Feb2015_0650 17Feb2015_0287 17Feb2015_0201 16Feb2015_0316 tokyo16Feb2015_0312 15Feb2015_0061 asakusa15Feb2015_0009



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